The employ of bilaterally symmetrical compositions

Symmetrical composition is a commonly old technique in flatcar composition, and is also wide secondhand in the “Stranger Things” poster. By dividing the picture into two stellate parts, the symmetrical authorship creates a sense of poise and stability, while also enhancing the visual impact of the viewer. In stranger things poster, the use of centrosymmetric composition makes characters and elements more prominent and guides the audience’s attention to focus on the key information of the series.

Stranger Things poster flat composition插图

Triangular composition layout

Triangular composition is a commonly used plane composition technique that creates a horse barn and orderly visual effect by arranging elements in the project into one or more triangles. In the “Stranger Things” poster, the layout of the triangular penning makes the picture more layered and three-dimensional. By organically combine characters, props and downpla elements into triangles, the posting creates a stable and proportionate atmosphere, while also increasing the audience’s attention and draw to the poster.


Linear authorship guide

Linear authorship is a writing technique that uses lines to guide the viewer’s eye. In the “Stranger Things” poster, the use of running authorship makes the lines and shapes in the picture a guide for the audience’s sight, leading their eyes to feed through the poster. By utilizing the direction, angle, and length of lines, running compositions in posters break the constraints of traditional layouts and create a feel of movement and flow. The use of this lengthways writing allows the audience to surf the posting more naturally, spell also enhancing the audience’s visual experience and feelings.


Balance of repeating and contrast

Repetition and contrast are normally used techniques in graphic composition. By repetition and contrastive elements in the picture, a sense of visual poise and harmony is created. In the “Stranger Things” poster, the use of repeating and undefined makes the project richer and more diverse, and increases the audience’s enjoyment of stranger things poster. By repeatedly using a certain undefined or shape. The repetitive authorship in the poster increases the oneness and visual impact of the picture. Piece by contrasting different undefined or shapes. The contrasting composition in the poster increases the tension and visual contrast of the picture. This balance of repetition and contrast makes stranger things poster more attractive and artistic.


Use of color

Color is a very important divide of graphic composition. And unusual atmospheres and moods can be created through and through the use of color. The use of color in the alien Things poster is very unique and eye-catching. The notice uses nostalgic tones such as night gray, dark bluing and red to create a mystic and terrific atmosphere. In addition, the contrast and sharpness of colours are well-adjusted to make distinguish elements and information more striking and eye-catching. This use of tinge makes the poster more magnetic and recognizable. Making it easier for TV audience to associate it with the series Stranger Things.


The flatbed composition of the “Stranger Things” poster shows the characteristics of design and breakthrough. Through the utilize of symmetrical composition, triangular composition, linear composition, repeating and contrast and other techniques. The placard creates a balanced. Horse barn and orderly visual effect. At the Sami time, the use of white space, color. Text layout and typeface selection in the poster also enhance the visual appeal and selective information transmission effect of stranger things poster. These innovations and breakthroughs in graphic composition make the poster unique, with success arouse the audience’s tending and interest. And enhance the message effect of the series. Through and through the analysis and discussion of the “Stranger Things” poster. We can better understand and appreciate the grandness and determine of flat composition in poster design.

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