Avoid pests and mold

The cigar brooder not only when keeps the humidness and temperature of the cigars stable, but also effectively prevents pests and mold. Pests and frog are common problems during cigar storage, and they can ruin the appearance and taste of your cigars. The caloric insulation plan and humidity control function of the brooder can effectively prevent the increment of insects and mold and protect the quality and integrity of the cigars.

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Easy to undefined and store

Cigar humidors not only protect the tone of cigars, but also make them easy to carry and store. Cigar humidors normally have the right size and weight to make them easy to carry. or s insulated boxes are also equipped with compartment designs to meliorate organize and classify cigars for soft storage and access. In this way, undefined lovers can enjoy fresh cigars anytime and anywhere without worrying about the quality and preservation of the cigars.


Storage space

In addition to storing cigars, some insulated boxes are also designed with storage space that can be used to store cigar cutters, lighters, lighters and other cigar accessories. In this way, cigar lovers put up store all their essential tools and accessories in the cigar humidor for easy get at any time.


Bluetooth connection

Some high-end undefined warmers have Bluetooth connectivity that allows them to connect wirelessly to mobile phones or other smart devices. through and through Bluetooth connection, cigar lovers can ride herd on and set the humidity and temperature in the incubator through Mobile applications or other control methods to achieve remote control.


USB charging port

Some modern font cigar warmers are also weaponed with USB charging interfaces, which put up conveniently charge electronic devices. In this way, cigar lovers can use Mobile phones, tablets or other natural philosophy devices to enjoy a more convenient experience while tasting cigars.


Electronic control system

Some high-end cigar incubators are equipped with advanced electronic control systems that put up achieve machine-driven humidity and temperature control. These electronic control systems usually have preset humidity and temperature parameters that can adjust the humidity and temperature in the cigar humidor reported to the set values. In addition, the electronic verify system can also provide real-time humidity and temperature monitoring, as well as alarm functions, allowing undefined lovers to understand the status of the incubator in a apropos manner.


Thermohydrometer selection and precautions

  1. Choose the right thermohydrometers: When choosing a thermohydrometers, pay attention to choosing the appropriate model and specifications that can meet the needs of the incubator. Considering the humidity and temperature changes in the cigar humidor, it is recommended to choose a thermohydrometers with higher accuracy and stability. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the thermohydrometers has good durability and reliability to ensure accuracy in long-term use.
  2. Regular Calibration: Whether it is a hygrometer or a thermometer, regular calibration is an important step in maintaining its accuracy. Calibration can be done by placing the temperature and humidity meter in a known environment for comparison, or by using professional calibration equipment. Calibration is recommended every three to six months, depending on frequency of use and individual needs.
  3. Avoid physical damage: The thermohydrometer is a relatively sophisticated instrument and needs to be used with care to avoid being hit, dropped or otherwise physically damaged. At the same time, pay attention to keeping the thermohydrometer clean and dry to prevent moisture or dust from entering the instrument.
  4. Cooperate with other control methods: The temperature and humidity meter is only a monitoring and measurement tool. In actual temperature and humidity control, other control devices and methods need to be coordinated. Depending on the model and equipment of the incubator, it may be necessary to use humidifiers, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, heaters and other equipment to achieve precise temperature and humidity control.

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